Magsaysay Careers

In 2005, Magsaysay launched Magsaysay Careers, an online portal featuring exciting and rewarding employment opportunities around the world. Magsaysay Careers provides Filipinos with access to the best available jobs from the world’s leading and reputable companies from the industries of maritime, cruise, hospitality, healthcare, oil and gas, engineering, tourism, construction, among others.
Magsaysay Careers is committed to sourcing, building and maintaining a talent pool of skilled and dedicated people and to continuously delivering exceptional value to our partners.

“Sa Magsaysay, Walang Lagay!”
Gaining access to the wealth of jobs available on Magsaysay Careers is easy! All you need to do is create a profile with us and submit applications for your desired jobs. You will also receive job recommendations and get the latest job updates from us.
Registration and job applications are only processed through this website. You may also inquire about vacancies by sending us a message through the Magsaysay Careers Facebook page.
Beware of unauthorized people who fraudulently use or misrepresent Magsaysay to promise jobs and collect payments or advances in any form during the hiring process, to cover processing fees, or any other documentary requirements.
You will only be contacted by Magsaysay if you have an updated account on Please be sure to keep your account and contact information updated so that you don’t miss any communication from us.
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